About Me


Amateur Black & White Fine Art Photographer.

Bertrand Chombart, 42 years old. Studied Economie in the university of Lille.

I bought my first dslr camera during a trip to Singapore in 2005 and spend a couple of year shooting in auto mode. In 2011 i started to learn about how cameras are working on internet and after a while i decided to share some of my work. I’ve created a  google plus account in that purpose in the end of 2011. From that moment it became a serious hobby.

In 2012, after playing around with different kind of photography styles, i felt in love with black and white photography and long exposure photography. I went to the Google Plus photo-walk in Berlin wjere the theme was long exposure architecture photography where i’ve  met some great photographers. Later in the year i went to a black and white long exposure fine art photography workshop organized by Joel Tjintjelaar and Marc Koegle in Holland. After that i got my first published image, and a bit later an honorable mention in the IPA…